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#PokemonHunter Is Unleashed In Miami! – CWD

CWDRAP blog #PokemonHunter Is Unleashed In Miami!

Pokemon Go has taken over the planet in storm of controversy, missed appointments, lost jobs and countless hours spent hunting Pikachu. A collaboration between Custom Wrap Design in Miami and our friends at Paramount Luxury Rentals has taken the concept of hunting Pokemons to the next level.

Introducing the Pokemon Hunter! A very unique vehicle has been chosen for this car wrap project, the BMW i8. From idea to concept to implementation, the teams at the two companies worked closely together to ensure the vehicle would turn out an eye catching project, and oh did it ever! Pikachu in Miami must now be aware that the #PokemonHunter is our to get it! This car wrap turned out very unique and definitely and eye-catcher! If you are in Miami in August, be sure to contact Paramount Luxury Rentals and rent this car!

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